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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 25, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we have the latest on that story. live, in hd. this is abc 7 news at 6:00. all around, down -- at town hall tensions have come to northern virginia. >> the crowd that are growing for congressman jim moran. >> you look at these town halls, at some of the contention that surrounds them. some people say it is democracy and progress, freedom of speech, a wonderful tradition. some people say it is getting out of control. either way, is getting huge attendance. the of that doesn't start until 7:00. but you can see a massive line of people. they expect more than 1000 people all wanting to have their voices heard. >> don't touch me and don't curse at me.
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>> powerful posters and sensational skits, the town hall troubles continue. this is 3 hours before an event with howard dean and congressman jim moran >> i hope they leave their guns behind. >> this man carried a gun at in arizona, part of the group that encourages public displays of firearms that town halls. and there are a dramatic displays of pro-life advocates. >> where deliberately trying to jar people. >> and other contentious gathering is in springfield. >> inside, -- some voiced concern, over fact and fear. >> is along the lines of
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socialism. is not the best interest of this country. >> it does not pass the smell test. >> she also shot back at critics of the plan. >> if we watched too much fox news -- [laughter] >> out here live, you see the crowds continued to grow. people are starting to file in. an important note, the group that comes to some rallies displaying guns, we have not seen anyone in attendance. it is illegal to have a gun on school property, perhaps that is why we are seeing them. we're seeing it plenty of police here tonight. it president obama took time out from his vacation to name
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federal reserve chairman of that -- ben bernanke to a second term. he wants him to stay with the job that he started. he praises bernanke for bold action and out of the box thinking. the congressional budget office proposed that the deficit could reach $1.60 trillion, and unemployment could reach 10%. the va is getting a jolt with the secretary announcing it north virginia will get $77 million in theovec rerec and investment act funds. it will speed construction along. dealers are swapping cash for clunkers paperwork and have until in o'clock tonight to get it all finished. the popular program ended yesterday. the deadline was extended until noon today, and extended once again because of problems with the web site. dealers must submit all paperwork tonight in order to be
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reimbursed for the incentives. it to a developing in a disturbing story or a child and adult have been stabbed. >> we understand the adult victim is a woman in her late 50's. she lives in this apartment complex behind us. a family member tells us that she runs a small day care. there are several other children that also live in the same apartment complex during the past couple of minutes. several parents have been talking to police. one of the children, a 2 year delk -- a 2-year-old girl. the suspect also lives in the building, but it is not related -- he was not related to any of the victims. we understand that he has been arrested.
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fairfax county police got a call around 2:30 this afternoon. they were stabbed inside of the apartment. police are talking, not only to their unit, but they're also talking to a number of residents and family members who are still here on the scene. we're also told that the suspect who also lives in the apartment building lives right next door to the woman who was stabbed. tonight, both the woman and child are and the hospital. they were transported in a critical condition. they are in serious, but stable condition. to buy, alexandria has a new police chief after the former police chief was charged with drunk driving. cut -- cooke is the first african-american police chief in the city's history.
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>> after the veteran of the alexandria police department lt, he was appointed the new police chief. >> is an immenserilevigele to helm of the outstannge polic department. >> on july 25, baker crashed a vehicle into another car in arlington county. his blood alcohol level ristwted ree thed legal limit. he retired days later, pleading guilty at serving five days in jail. accountability, conduct, and the dignity will be hallmarks ofis department under his leadership. >> were responsible to be held accountable by the citizens of alexandria. if we're not doing our duty in any way, shape, or form. >> for the first time, and african-american is the city's
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top law official. for thousands of prince george's county students, the second day of school was as frustrating as the first. students spent the day sitting in auditoriums and cafeterias because of a school system failure. a spokesperson says the problem is being fixed at that students are in class with separate schedules. parents and students say that is not the case. >> it is crazy. in addition have had a pulled the other by now. -- and they should have had it pulled together by now. >> it will be the end of the week before all students have their final schedule. coming up, michael jackson's death was ruled a homicide, and all eyes shifted to the doctor who was with the pop star when he died. >> the governor announces plans for furloughs and layoffs.
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>> and benefit letters about lou gehrig's disease. >> and coming up caught we will forecast whether straight to the end of the month of august. by this weekend, it could get kind of interesting.
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breaking news where nasa has
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canceled a second attempt to launch the space shuttle discovery. they discovered a bad fuel valve. it was supposed to blast off early today, but the canceled launch because of thunderstorms in the area. at least 1200 veterans got a letter telling them that they have lou gehrig's disease. but they actually don't. the veterans affairs department is trying to figure out how the cut of -- and how they could have made that mistake. a spokesperson says all of the recipients will receive personal apologies. michael jackson's doctor is underneath the microscope after his death was ruled a homicide. he died on june 25, and it included a powerful anesthetic. they were administered by dr. conrad murray, who could face
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criminal charges. the doctor says he did nothing wrong. a loss it has been filed. 1 -- a lawsuit has been filed. the men are suing the company that built the facility for gross negligence. coming up, plans for cutting the budget and hundreds of jobs are on the chopping block. >> a pleasant summer day in the metro area. when will things really heat up again? >> heating up is the way to describe the quarterback battle at the redskins. here it is, coming up later in sports.
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and maryland gov. took an ax to the state budget today. >> there were $454 million worth of cuts. we have reactions. >> state employees and residents reacted to what they expect to be of very painful round of
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spending cut. the governor wants to save money by slashing spending. >> will have one simple and tension, and that is to get maryland through the other side of this recession as quickly as possible with as much of our priorities in tact. >> it cut state funding for roads, aid to police, community colleges. >> it might hurt to take away free money for things that they may be able to get or things that the school may need to give the students to get their education. i think that is how it hurts us. >> the governor and tends to lay off 205 state employees. he will eliminate more than 150 positions which are currently vacant. >> we are disappointed the state has gone in this direction. we need to look at other avenues. >> the governor outlined for low
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strategy to save tens of millions of dollars. he will give an array of steelworkers on paid days off. those who earn more than a hundred thousand dollars a year will lose 10 days. >> maybe there is another idea of -- rather than cutting that many people. a beautiful day today. >> i will explain it. let's get the rooftop and check and see what this guy is like. i always like to check and see if the sky is up there. temperatures are holding in the n.w to mid 80's'ssacow tro let'ts iggeht r to the weather temperature together,pewh thats i what it feels like.
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etprty the temperaturat iicndes. 84 at national park. 83 degrees and leesbu. ik l e86 86. all good stuff weather wise. we talked about this stuff earlier, now is just a little more to the northeast of puerto rico. the air force reserve aircraft is scheduled to fly this afternoon. we will get an update on what is happening. the number of computer models take the system and make it a pretty good rainmaker. riding night and saturday, we will have a cold front coming in at about the same time. it will be unsettling as to what our forecast -- we will find out how big is going toet.
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it is something to stand touch with for the next few days to see what happens with development out there. it is still hurricane season after all. let's check out some numbers. 86 the high today at reagan national. pollen count, weeds, and mold spores moderate. through the overnight hours, we will drop down to the lower 70's. no rain, but those chances, our ran on thursday from this developing cold front. -- but those chances, our way on thursday. i will keep a close eye on what is happening. warm temperatures, but then all of our attention will shift to the southeast.
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wednesday, 63-70 in the morning. 91 in the afternoon. for the next seven days, showers and storms mentioned in the thursday forecast will make it cooler with questions on friday and saturday. we will get information from the aircraft hopefully in time for tonight goes the 11:00 newscast. is the redskins' quarterback picture getting clearer? >> is, and it isn't. there has been a lot of talk, speculation with all four guys. it will keep all four quarterbacks into the final cut on september 5. the redskins have announced that todd collins will be the backup to campbell. they will pay him seven figures to carry the clipboard. it it shows uncertainty with campbell. they know has had the best of it so far in the two preseason
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games. the big knock against the daniel is his height. it is very generous. >> i have never said anything about his size. he is only as high as he is. it is a god thing, you know what i mean? i help him play ball at the right level. >> i suggest they with the monday night football announcers. they're excited to see what the redskins will do against the defense. the big guy it rambles and from 25 yards out. mark sanchez, welcome to the nfl. the second play of the game. he came back with his touchdown pass in the second quarter. this guy could get a touchdown, 3 for 8. i am telling you, this kid is a good player. i think he will be the starter when they start the regular season.
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he is headed to prison for two years, and i am sure that you have been following the news. here is what happened in his own words. >> i am walking up stairs, and i missed a step. my gun slides down my pants. i do not want it to hit the ground, so when it slides down my genes, i gotta stop it when it hit the ground. i think a million times, my fingers hit right on the trigger. >> they lost six of their last seven games. if you have been following the little league world series, you know these guys play like big leaguers. a line drive, he makes a dive and grabs it. go get it, little fella. last week, i told you about the
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track star who had been required to undergo gender testing. her talents had been questioned, and her gold medal has been challenged. when she returned home, she got a hero's welcome. thousands of fans came out to support her in the challenging time. she has already begun testing her testosterone levels which are high, but the other results will not be known for several weeks. some lawmakers want to make sure americans know that not everyone is against health care reform. in to a'political polls, mike explains what is being done to get the word out. >> members of congress are getting spooked, so the democratic party wants people to know that there are plenty of people who support it. starting tomorrow, the president of's allies will have more than a thousand pro-reform events to help insurance reform and travel
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friday and saturday, all kinds of possibilities. the best estimate is a continuing chance of showers and storms. more on what is happening out in the aantic tonight at 11:00. >> abc world news is coming next. >> have a good night. >> i still don't like the quarterback situatioterback situ
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